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Are you a healthcare professional or interested in working in the health industry? If so, look no further. Sign up for a short course from top institutions to accelerate or launch your career in healthcare today. Our courses are 100% online to give you full flexibility. 

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Our courses are 100% online giving you awesome features and agile usability for online education


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"I have seen first-hand how education can change lives and I’ve been fortunate to help launch many online programs in my career. Digital education can reach people previously left behind by traditional offerings. LEAP’s plan to focus on healthcare education in this area will be a game-changer."
Adam Fein
VP for Digital Strategy & Innovation
University of North Texas
"LEAP's team is very effective and energetic, they managed to showcase their project's value since day one. LEAP will be a game-changer for Africa's online healthcare education and I am delighted to watch its journey."

Florian Schindler
Director Distance Learning Institute
Berliner Hochschule für Technik
"Health Science Academy (South Africa) is privileged to work with LEAP in Africa. We are committed to increasing health human resource capacity and are excited to play a small in role in providing education to the healthcare sector on our continent."

Laetitia Crause
Health Science Academy
"Difficult access to qualifications to increase health human resource capacity leads to lack of healthcare coverage. LEAP addresses exactly that point, catalyzing the collaboration of educational and healthcare organizations to deliver affordable education."

Pharma Executive 

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