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Freda is LEAP's Co-Founder, responsible for Education & Learning Design, Market Research, and Product Development. She leads with over 10-years of experience working in public health, healthcare consulting, and digital health. She previously worked for Boston Children’s Hospital, ensuring children from all over the world had access to affordable and quality healthcare. Venturing to London to get her MSc at the London School of Economics, she co-led a project at Aurora Healthcare Communications that identified best practices to increase the uptake of innovative medicines and technology across NHS England. Born in Kinshasa, and having her own experience with the healthcare system in Congo-DRC she is true to her passion for reducing health and social inequalities globally.

María is LEAP's Co-Founder. She is a Social Impact and Strategic Management enthusiast with vast experience in Africa, Europe, and North America in the sectors of E-Commerce, Oil & Gas, Tourism, and Education. With an educational background in Business Management, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, María is in charge of LEAP's Strategy, Partnerships, and Marketing. She is passionate about inclusivity and believes in leading with emotional intelligence, encouraging trust, and promoting positive personal development within her teams. She speaks fluent Spanish, English, and advanced German.
Education & Learning

Caroline is responsible for the development of our education content and strategy at LEAP. She is a senior education expert with 10+ years of experience designing impactful learning experiences for learners of all ages. Her background includes building strategic partnerships aimed at amplifying the impact of quality education globally. Most recently, she has worked a the non-profit foundation  to scale their STEM education solution for students internationally. Previously, while at AMBOSS, Caroline cultivated partnerships with leading universities, national libraries, and major healthcare associations in over 25 countries, providing curriculum consultation and training for medical educators about best practices in technology-enabled learning. 
Mara is LEAP’s Product Manager. Passionate about learning, whether it comes to the latest trends in medicine or diversity in STEM, her role is to ensure that the LEAP platform offers the best experience to our users. After graduating from university in her native California, she traveled across the pond to pursue higher education and obtained two Master's Degrees. She has worked in the field of healthcare education in Europe and the United States and is eagerly endeavoring to make lasting health change in Africa.
Social Media
Livia is the Social Media Guru at LEAP. She is a Copywriter, having worked in both digital and packaging. She is also a writer and an artist, with poems published in the journal Dreamers Creative Writing. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Lesley University, and a Bachelors in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego. Livia speaks fluent English, as well as basic Spanish, Italian, and Chaldean.
Online Marketing
Chelsey is LEAP’s Online Marketing Consultant bringing with her over 10-years of experience. She is an ex-Google and now Founder of Valoom Media. Whether it's lead generation, brand awareness, or business growth, she thrives on seeing her clients succeed. Her side passion is running the "Anti Diet Culture Club", a community working to end the harmful effects of diet culture!
Strategic Advisor
Dr. Adam D. Fein is LEAP’s Strategic Advisor. He has served as VP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at the University of North Texas since 2018. As the head of UNT’s online strategy and information technology, he leads the charge to identify new directions and opportunities to improve the academic quality, reach, and performance of UNT in online and global education markets. Dr. Fein is one of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association’s (UPCEA) Chief Online Learning Officers. He believes digital education can reach people left behind by traditional offerings and “LEAP’s plan to focus on healthcare education in this area is a game-changer”— in his words.
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