September Newsletter

Sep 1

A very special interview with...

Isaac Twum!
We had the pleasure to interview this Ghanaian professional footballer who plays for the Norwegian club Mjøndalen as a midfielder. 

As an athlete who suffered from a sport injury, he shared with us his story and perspective about the healthcare landscape in Ghana. He sheds a light on topics such as patient segmentation due to income status, the importance of collaborating with educational institutions to identify latent healthcare needs, his thoughts on the advancements of women empowerment in Ghana, etc. 

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We have a winner!

Queeneth Nwankwo! She participated in last month's online survey about the perspectives of individuals interested in online healthcare courses.

This is what she had to say:
"My name is Queeneth Nwankwo, I am a Nursing student from Imo State Nigeria, and I decided to get into the healthcare field because of my passion for helping preserve lives. I saw LEAP on facebook and I immediately felt called to be a part of it! The preview of their course in Nutrition for Health and Chronic Diseases looks very interesting to me and I can't wait to get started. In the future, I would like to gain new knowledge on the relationship between these two topics and help promote the health of people these conditions. I think that LEAP is a great tool to accomplish this, as it provides affordable, accessible online education from renowned universities!"

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Why study with us?

If like Nwankwo, our giveaway winner, you are looking to enter the healthcare workforce in Africa or are already employed in the health sector, here we list some reasons for you to choose us:

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  6. Discover new and exciting subjects that will help you start or advance your career in healthcare
  7. Receive a verified certificate from leading institutions to access a new world of opportunities
  8. Nothing beats doing what you like while supporting your local healthcare system with life saving skills.

If you live in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa... or anywhere in the continent, and are interested in receiving a top notch healthcare education from leading international universities and academies... make sure to sign up now and get notified once our courses are live!

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