Meet our strategic advisor!

Nov 18

Who is Dr. Adam Fein?

Dr. Adam D. Fein has served as Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation at the University of North Texas since November 2018. As the head of UNT’s online strategy and information technology, he leads the charge to identify new directions and opportunities to improve the academic quality, reach and performance of the university in the online and global education markets.

In addition, he oversees the technological infrastructure of the campuses in Denton and Frisco. Adam has served on Coursera’s University Council at two different institutions and helped launch the first Graduate program (iMBA at Illinois) and first U.S. undergraduate program (BAAS at UNT) on their platform. He is also a member of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association’s (UPCEA) Chief Online Learning Officers.

Prior to joining UNT, Dr. Fein served the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for 17 years in numerous roles across online and innovative education, most recently as an Assistant Provost where he was responsible for shaping campus strategy and support for innovations in classroom and online settings. Prior to his time in higher education at two of the world’s largest public universities, he served as a training and development consultant at Pepsi/Gatorade Inc. and at the Quaker Oats Company.

Dr. Fein has published book chapters and numerous professional papers. His research is focused on the examination of the cognitive theory of multimedia learning and the effects of disruptive innovation theory in higher education.

Why did you decide to join LEAP?

"Africa has the highest disease burden of any continent and the lowest average health worker-to-patient ratio. When I had a chance to meet Freda and Maria, hear their story and understand their vision for this initiative, I was sold.

I have seen first-hand how education can change lives and I’ve been fortunate to help launch many online programs in my career. Digital education can reach people previously left behind by traditional offerings. LEAP’s plan to focus on healthcare education in this area will be a game-changer."

Encouraging other universities:

"There is a wealth of high-quality healthcare content available online, but it’s not properly curated to make the largest possible impact.

 Who better than the world’s best universities and healthcare organizations to partner with us and help ensure that the essential content is not only for the wealthy, but also for those with the greatest need."

If you work with or know of a university or academy anywhere in the world that would like to expand to the African continent and create impact through healthcare education, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] !
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