Launch Date Announcement

LEAP Is Launching!

We are ending our year with a bang!💥🎉🎊
LEAPs e-Learning platform is FINALLY launching on December 9th!
We are ecstatic to share this platform that we have been working so hard to create and share with all of you. Because we KNOW we are about to change and disrupt the game of how healthcare education and upskilling was done, until now. 
To our over 1,000 students who have signed up to our waitlists for our courses to open, get ready! And to those who are still indecisive about signing up, we have more news for you: we have even more courses and international partnerships coming, and the best way to find out about those is by being on a waitlist, signing up for our newsletter, and following us on social media.
Let's start changing the landscape of African healthcare together!
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