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What is leap?

LEAP is Africa's healthcare e-Learning platform. We provide you with healthcare courses from international universities and organizations. Our high-quality courses are free, you only pay a small fee if you decide to obtain a verified certificate.

You don't have to save for months for a top notch education!
How does it work? We have built an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform that allows you to study from any device, anywhere in Africa, at anytime. Choose your course and enroll in a few clicks:

You can now become part of the healthcare workforce or, if you are already a health worker, boost your career with the necessary knowledge about relevant situations.

Choosing e-Learning

e-Learning the answer to reaching millions of people who yearn for a formal education, as it is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs:

It is a cheaper alternative to traditional training methods: you save in administrative fees, travel time, time off work, and even the cost of training materials like workbooks. Multimedia materials are fun to learn with, you can discover, read, watch and interact all at at your own pace. It is an instant career advancement, as you receive the latest relevant content for every subject, boosting your chances of further advancing on your current job, or getting a new one.

Also, an e-Learning certificate will be proof of your independent dedication to professional improvement for prospective employers. So if you are looking to advance or start your career in healthcare, studying online from anywhere in Africa is a very flexible, accessible and affordable option for you!

Spread the word!

Do you have friends, family members or acquaintances that might want to benefit from our courses? If they:

  1. Want to join the healthcare workforce ASAP
  2. Seek to advance their careers in health
  3. Don't want to spend a large sum in their education
  4. Need schedule flexibility to study anytime
  5. Don't want to commit to several years of university
  6. Need to combine their job with their studies
  7. Want to receive certificates by leading universities
  8. Would like to get promoted or change careers
  9. Are looking to land a well-paid position
  10. Work in private/public sector, government or NGOs

... by sharing this information with them, you will be helping your loved ones to receive a high-quality affordable healthcare education. Your local community will also gain new educated healthcare workers!
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